Are you pressed for time, fashionably challenged, or both? Do you want to regain a sense of pride in your daily attire or look amazing for a special occasion? Does your life revolve around work or children? Is it important that you feel good about the way you look, but you just HATE to shop? If you have answered “yes” to anyone of these questions, perhaps I can help! Every individual is unique and therefore our needs are all different, but we all need to get dressed. Time it seems is now our most precious commodity and we are all just doing our best to manage it. While keeping up with our busy lives, we are delegating more and more of our daily duties. Why hire a personal shopper? Looking great will help you feel great!

My services are tailored towards each clients unique shopping needs, however I find that most are looking for just one or two of the following

+ closet organizing/wardrobe assessment (outfits created from existing wardrobe)

+ personalized shopping experience based on your style and needs

+ styling for special events

+ packing for a trip

+ membership for texting and the occasional telephone call about style related questions

Before working with a client I always suggest a personal meeting so that I get to know you a little. Style is personal…even if you are still figuring yours out! I look forward to meeting and getting to know you!



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