October 2017 Full Astro Report

In the first few days of October we are getting the final pieces of the puzzle latent the Fall Equinox and last months revelatory New Moon. Some of us were forced to confront our deepest wounds yet again. Creepy yet loveable Pluto is now steadily moving forward for the next seven months, bringing with it themes of somber transformation. As we have moved into Libra territory, balance at whatever cost negates any of our visions of what this means. Sometimes the opposite extreme will be imposed to even out the scales. It is not always peace and harmony and this month offers a rare opportunity to purge our psyches and make new plans. It might be best to see in what house Libra falls in your chart to see what areas in your life to focus. You can get a free chart at astro.cafeastrology.com. The Full Moon will fall on October 5th in the 2nd decan of Aries. This heroic full moon in its fiery element, teaches us to avoid situations that may be undermining our highest self or those individuals that dampen our ambitions.  And its placement within the 2nd Leo decan places importance on our sovereignty. Emphasis on leadership and who it is that we choose to follow are given precedence. This will imbue this month with an element of gentle power, helping us demonstrate vigilance within our communities. Understanding the role you play as an “individual” is key.  This month’s New Moon on the 19th will fall in balanced Libra. The moon makes easier aspects to Jupiter and Mercury, the planets of expansion and intellect. The expansiveness gives us a sense of eternal optimism, but we must be cautious not to overdue ourselves. The combination of emotions, intuition, and the intellect will most likely create a safety net for the energies of Jupiter and establish equilibrium. However, the challenging aspect of moon opposite Uranus, almost guarantee an element of drama within our lives or within the headlines. It is possible this energy will be channeled well into radical change and personal freedom. When Jupiter transitions into Scorpio on the 10th until mid November we see an increase of abundance weather that be financially or via gifts and material goods. Also with Venus moving into Libra on the 14th our focus on relationships will take the cake. We might put our very best into these interpersonal connections to improve them or find that we don’t have the desire to keep them burning. Either way, we again are determined to find balance and settle any power struggle even if that struggle is the relationship with self. In summary, this month seems to be a time to claim our individuality while balancing within our secure social circle. Observe the events that unfold within your support system, but also within government, state, and global arenas. What common themes do you see? How are these lessons moving you forward? If we keep our sense of humor while enjoying the added cash flow, this month is sure to turn out alright.


October 2017 Horoscopes



You are full of great ideas and have a pioneering spirit this October. Chanel that energy to its best on the 5th and 6th.  If you can get some time for a long weekend, maybe do a bit of camping and hiking. If not, find ways of exploring your surroundings. This might also involve meeting a new and exciting love interest or taking new steps in your existing relationships. Enjoy the even more persistent adventurous spirit you have on the 24th and 25th.



Your body is attuning to the fall season. You are slow and steady in your reproach but delighting in all the sensual pleasures to come. Invest in a hot beverage of choice, a great coffee or tea. On the 13th and 14th of the month a milestone should be met and you will be confident and capable in your abilities either at work or within a certain hobby. Be the mediator at the office and stay keen on avoiding power struggles around the 20th.



Begin October with a quiet weekend grounding and reconnecting with self. Try a yoga class or get inspired and create. Take pride in your abilities and your physical body, look at what it has done for you. On the 3rd and 4th a very important lesson will be thrown your way and on the 8th and 9th this lesson will more easily be communicated. The 13th you’ll be bright enough to attract more romance or enjoy the beautiful connections already within your life.



You might be feeling melancholic at the beginning of the month. Embrace it and go for several long evening walks to help process your thoughts. Take care to lavish yourself in all of the comforts of home. Set the mood, light a few candles, cook a comforting meal and settle in with a good book. The time will come on the 13th and 14th to be social and enjoy an outing with friends or a loved one. The 24th and 25th should make and excellent time to rearrange and organize your space, maybe even invest in that salt lamp you have been eyeing.



In the first two days of October your romantic inclinations are heightened. You are in your element and on the prowl, if not already settled. The 7th might be a good time to simmer that fire just enough to be practical and get the job done at the office or on the home front. On the 15th ,16th, and 17th you will want to be with your crew and take in a live show or art exhibit. At the end of the month liven up your space with a luscious smelling candle and a night in with your sweetie.



Pick up some reading material in a subject that interest you in the first few days of October. Your quest for knowledge is insatiable this month! You might also do a good deal of travel and gain insight from first hand experience. Your full moon on the 5th falls in the 8th house of other people’s money. This could spell some financial trouble or obligation around this time, but the placement of stars and planets will increase your earned income more than enough to cover the loss.



This is your month, cool and balanced Libra! Not to say you should be especially active, it actually might be a better idea to lay low for most of October and take care of your deeper emotional needs. Pick up a journal, if you don’t already have one, and wright down your desires. This October you are looking for truth and most importantly truth as love. On the 17th you will gain a profound understanding of the truth or lack thereof.



Your spiritual agenda, which might have been pushed aside for much of the year, is now demanding back its seniority by October 5th. Even if you are not a spiritual Scorpio, time communing with nature and blissing out will serve well. You are sure to be alluring and sensual, gathering many admirers, but take care to watch your health and home life at the end of the month when all is in delicate balance.



Your friendships will be tested this month, and financial abundance will fall later around the 20th. Your level of energy and exuberance will be impenetrable, so use it to dive into your activity of choice. Throw yourself into a community service project that requires some manual dexterity. You will possibly find that romantic connection or more importantly confidence in your own capabilities.



Avoid taking many risks this month, that however does not mean that change is not inevitable. Your career will see a shift, maybe a promotion or move even! This may affect your family and home environment at the Full Moon on October 5th. Be cautious in your dealings, and you should see abundance make its way into the domestic arena. You will feel a need to be light and unattached in your romantic relationships but still wanting to enjoy the company of others around the 17th.



The area of communication is activated in your chart on the 5th of October. “To keep silent is to keep sacred” applies to you at this time, however be careful what you keep silent as that holds power. If you are patient enough you will see huge rewards around the 26th. This may be monetary or possibly emotionally beneficial. In this silence before the 26th handle old debts, clean out your space, and clear out your mind.



You will want to be part of something inspiring and emotionally charged this October. Your extra sensitivity with the full moon may bring on feelings of confusion and solace but will serve in helping to figure out your altruistic path. Finances might be shaky at the beginning of the month but will look up around the 20th when additional sources of income magically manifest. Have faith as you always do and give yourself the space to dream.



Welcome September 2017 [Astro Report]



September 2nd Mars trine Uranus
September 3rd Mercury conjunct Mars
September 5th Sun opposite Neptune
September 5th Mercury direct
September 6th Full moon 15 Pisces
September 9th Sun trine Pluto
September 12th Venus trine Saturn
September 13 Sun square Saturn
September 15 Venus sextile Jupiter
September 18 Venus trine Uranus
September 19 Mercury opposite Neptune
September 20 New Moon 27 Virgo
September 22 Sun ingreses into Libra
September 24 Mars opposite Neptune
September 25 Mercury square Saturn
September 28 Pluto Direct
September 29 Venus opposite Neptune

What this all Means…

The beginning of this month will see a lot of action until the full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune on the 6th. As mercury moves out of retrograde on the 5th communication should start flowing again and mellow out considerably with the watery full moon. Mercury will move into Virgo on the 9th. This month will have many aspects to Virgo making it a great time to clean up or get involved in researching or writing. The pleasant aspect of loving Venus sextile expansive Jupiter on the 15th could be pleasing for some but with a contradictory collaboration between Uranus in Aries and Venuses placement on the north node, political unrest is possible. The new moon on the 20th in Virgo on the last decan is more about a descent out of the material or a falling apart of the physical and may lead way to more metaphysical beginnings. It is concerned with our legacies. This may be with the family or the image we have built for our self or the one within our support structure. Our health may be sensitive to this new moon but its initiatives may serve to facilitate greater change. Solitude and reflection on the 20th in your coziest space will most likely be just what you need. Summer will officially end this month on the 22nd as it makes its way into Libra. As we are preparing for fall making time for evening walks and gathering summer fruits for canning can be sweeter ways to actively incorporate the coming season. This Fall is about focusing on all of the lessons learned over the past two years with Saturn in Sagittarius finally moving out into earth sign Capricorn.