Welcome September 2017 [Astro Report]



September 2nd Mars trine Uranus
September 3rd Mercury conjunct Mars
September 5th Sun opposite Neptune
September 5th Mercury direct
September 6th Full moon 15 Pisces
September 9th Sun trine Pluto
September 12th Venus trine Saturn
September 13 Sun square Saturn
September 15 Venus sextile Jupiter
September 18 Venus trine Uranus
September 19 Mercury opposite Neptune
September 20 New Moon 27 Virgo
September 22 Sun ingreses into Libra
September 24 Mars opposite Neptune
September 25 Mercury square Saturn
September 28 Pluto Direct
September 29 Venus opposite Neptune

What this all Means…

The beginning of this month will see a lot of action until the full moon in Pisces conjunct Neptune on the 6th. As mercury moves out of retrograde on the 5th communication should start flowing again and mellow out considerably with the watery full moon. Mercury will move into Virgo on the 9th. This month will have many aspects to Virgo making it a great time to clean up or get involved in researching or writing. The pleasant aspect of loving Venus sextile expansive Jupiter on the 15th could be pleasing for some but with a contradictory collaboration between Uranus in Aries and Venuses placement on the north node, political unrest is possible. The new moon on the 20th in Virgo on the last decan is more about a descent out of the material or a falling apart of the physical and may lead way to more metaphysical beginnings. It is concerned with our legacies. This may be with the family or the image we have built for our self or the one within our support structure. Our health may be sensitive to this new moon but its initiatives may serve to facilitate greater change. Solitude and reflection on the 20th in your coziest space will most likely be just what you need. Summer will officially end this month on the 22nd as it makes its way into Libra. As we are preparing for fall making time for evening walks and gathering summer fruits for canning can be sweeter ways to actively incorporate the coming season. This Fall is about focusing on all of the lessons learned over the past two years with Saturn in Sagittarius finally moving out into earth sign Capricorn.


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