There are thirty-four municipalities in Miami-Dade County. Whether denominated cities, towns, or villages, a strong sense of community exists within each of these individual municipalities. The Style Kind project was born from a desire to answer a complex question: What is style and what does it means to “have style”?
Our initial goal at Style Kind was to tackle this question and expose our findings through documentary videos. After narrowing down our goal, we lost no time and started recording footage right away. We stopped people on the streets whenever we thought their outfit was unique and interesting and put together short videos that clustered fashion trends adopted and re-adapted by distinct individuals.
Organically, we realized that each neighborhood in Miami-Dade we visited was marked by specific dress codes, patterns, and themes that re-appeared in many of the individuals who walked those streets. But those dress codes were rarely seen outside the boundaries of that particular municipality. Lots of plaid and vintage denim in Wynwood, hoop earrings and bikini tops in Calle 8, tattooed eyebrows and long hair in Hialeah, designer wear or lots of skin in Miami Beach, and suits in Brickell.
One thing in common we found across all sectors of Miami (a discovery we received with excitement and a relief at The Style Kind) was that everywhere we went people were nice, polite, and to our good fortune, rarely camera shy. This said a lot about Miami. Although Miami-Dade is divided and subdivided, and although the members of each municipality further segment themselves, at times by narrowing their territory to their usual stomping grounds and literally outfitting themselves with the essence of their “hoods,” each individual in this community is polite, accesible, and excited to participate in a project about Miami, not about their neighborhood, but about Miami.
A fashion trend can help to easily identify members of a group. If a punk-rocker was looking to find like-minded individuals in school cafeteria, it is likely that he or she would gravitate towards the table occupied by other’s sporting skinny jeans, and studded black shoes.
Style is a beautiful and accesible medium through which we communicate to ourselves and to those around us, who we are, and to an extent, what we believe in. Style is also a double edged sword that may draw a sharp line between ourselves and others who don’t dress or act like us as swiftly as it can help us find like-minded people. In our exploration of style across different Miami neighborhoods, we’ve found firmly drawn lines that expose more than a difference in fashion taste between the people of Miami-Dade.
The Style Kind believes that Miami’s segmented communities are moving faster than ever towards a melting pot model inherent to many US metropolis. Through documentary footage and interviews, The Style kind will explore style imperatives that rule dress-codes in different municipalities of Miami-Dade. By exploring style and fashion trends, The Style Kind will indirectly unearth deep seeded cultural factors that resist and assist in Miami’s journey towards a unified, kaleidoscopic community.

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