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Incase you haven’t heard about the newest edition to the Stylekind family, let me give you the lo-down. About 3 months ago Sara, Santiago and I posted  shop on Etsy with our best and brightest vintage finds.  We offer everything from designer, to ethnic one of a kind pieces and the best part,  you get  20% off just for being a local. Plus this stuff is resale, so your already getting a great deal!!!!! Please check it out at Stylekind



An I c o n + cool headpiece = epic photo



QK0A8475_David Gary Lloyd

Working with my friend David Lloyd on his latest culturally explorative art project, we discovered that with a can of spray paint and a fake flower arrangement you can create an epic head piece. Its been fun watching this idea grow and styling it has really been a pleasure. I will post more on our collaboration as things progress.

The Best Kind of T-shirt “God on Earth”



Style is an exploration of self. We buy fashions that make us feel good, that flatter us, or take on a certain meaning. The T-Shirt brand “God on Earth” represents a simple idea with a powerful underlying message. One that is very personal to the individual who wears it. Creator, Damien Gueras based it on this principle “The date and the place of birth are the most relevant, simple, and permanent indications to identify an individual”. Choosing to wear a shirt with your icons birthdate is a way of discretely showing your love and admiration for that individual. On the website you will find a selection of influential people. Pick the person who has inspired you most and spread the love!!!!

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