90  Minute Birth Chart Consultation 





If you are having a bit of an existential crisis or seeking to further explore the deep dark depths of your psyche, perhaps an interpretation of your birth chart will set you up with some soul building guid lines.

In this session we will discuss the placement and implications of the stars and planets in your chart at expropriation of your mothers whom.

We will explore the contradictions, and the gifts within you to better help utilize your equipment in this lifetime.

Some topics that we might focus on involve the following;

  • The way you love
  • The type or partner you seek and how you behave in relationships
  •  The way you have sex 
  •  Your best career paths for fulfillment and financial success
  •  Past, present, and future family dynamics
  • Intellectual and creative talents
  • Spiritual / psychological growth
  • The best practices for your physical well being

We will look at your major influencers Venus, Mars, the Moon, Mercury, the Sun, Jupiter or Saturn as well as the placement of your Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, Chiron, Juno, Ascendant, Midheaven, and North/South nodes. This along with the aspects between the planets will help give an idea of your common life themes and areas to focus and evolve.

After the session I will assign homework to help further along your development.

Please bring something to record the sessions for later playback.

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