January 31st Total Lunar Eclipse in Leo

As lunar eclipses effect our deep internal processes and are the signatures of culmination, this full moon should be especially interesting. The rebellious attitude of the collective might feel at odds with the individuals need for recognition in the 2nd decan. As we have Air (Aquarius sun) opposing Fire (Leo Moon), the flames are propelled and give us the conflict and initiative. The conjunction to Ceres indicates that this energy should be aligned with feminine interests, whether that be at home or finding empowerment in creating a fortified dream palace. Culturally we are sure to see Women’s lib issues finding a moment of illumination within the confines of reigning power structures. We can look to the past 6 Months as the completion of one cycle of eclipses and see the thread within the next. See where Leo falls in your natal chart to help do further digging. Your likely to have a few crazy dreams in the process!



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