January 2018 Horoscopes


Mid month will present challenges to your will. This activation will  define what deserves your attention come the new Moon on the 16th. With your confidence in place, the following week until the 22nd should feel productive and rewarding.



The 24th  Moon in Taurus makes a nice trine to Mercury.  You are feeling confident and grounded in your words and ideas today. This is an opportunity to present yourself in the best possible light and gain ground for the coming 6 months within whatever framework you hold dearest to you.



The 27th after Mars enters Sagittarius allows you to explore your curiosities in fullest form. Your highest ideals may be better understood and implemented with the lunar eclipse on the 31’st. Maybe even play explorer within your city or town, find a new bookstore, coffee shop, or nature trail.



With the moon finding its way into your sign twice within a very earthy month, you have the opportunity at the beginning and end of January to allow for experiencing within a realistic framework of possibilities. This makes your vision for the future especially powerful. So dream on and let your ideas out constructively through a vision board or a sketch session!



The 3rd of the month is a day that you are especially charming and well received. You would be wise to entice your significant other or if you’re single, open yourself up to a little TLC. The Lunar eclipse falls in your sign at the end of the Month. Male or female, you will be especially receptive to your feminine side and seek out its power.



The earthiness of this month will segue into rebellious Aquarius. Take care at the beginning of January on the 6th to reflect as to how you want to communicate your ideas with the coming new moon on the 16th.  Your words may have recently been challenged and the oppositions that you believe to be facing are real. How are you going to meander through in your purest form?



Mars will conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio on the 7th when the moon enters your sign. It might be best for you to gather and organize your efforts at this point before the new moon on the 16th. This will allow you to utilize the momentum that is being gifted so that you can better balance your work life schedule towards the end of the month.



You may be feeling your most seductive come January 9th.  With the Moon and Mars in your sign sextile Venus, this is an easier month for you with many planets making pleasant aspects to your sign. You are at home in the energies and find self-transformation less cumbersome than most.



The 12th is a lovely day to empower your seeker self. The knowledge you require cannot be found online in the depths of googles search engine. It is experiential knowledge you seek. The quests that you will make through the eclipse phase beginning the end of January will again provide a metal of bravery in a lapse of the dogma you choose to disobey.



With half of January still in your element and Saturn now in your sign, the new year is opening up well for you. While many pleasant aspects are made at the beginning of the month, Once the sun moves into Aquarius things become more unsteady. Uranus in opposition to Venus in sun in Capricorn on the 13th and 14th will attempt to rock the boat. Only so that you relinquish restrain and gain more flexibility for the coming 6 months.



We see the Sun move into your sign on the 20th and opposing the lunar eclipse on the 31st, interesting events are promised. Challenges will be established only to help you fall in line with your highest vision of the future. With Mercury also in Aquarius at this time, your intellect will play a key role in the processing.



There are pleasant aspects between your planet Neptune, and your desires at the beginning of this month.  It will serve you well to permeate your life with beauty at this time while softening up for some harder lessons learned around the time of the Lunar eclipse. What you don’t understand or eludes you on the 31’st will make its presence throughout the next 6 months until the next Lunar eclipse. Sooo pay attention!



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