December 2017 New Moon

New Moon Dec 18th  in Sagittarius  

 December’s New moon proceeds an ingress of Saturn in Capricorn December 19th. This Is a significant ending and new beginning for all of us, especially those finishing up their Saturn returns. The fiery energy of Sagittarius in both the sun and moon and Venus trine Uranus on the 20th may be pleasant for some and volatile for others. Either way, it will be a transition for all. Take some time to reflect over the past two years and the major themes that have played out in your life. What lessons have you learned and what are many of the struggles you are still facing? The problems that persist will take on new character in the earth element of Capricorn. Those that will begin their Saturn return can look at the past few months and gather clues as to what issues and life lessons will be playing out in the next two years. Welcome this new moon by getting some sunshine, and burning something seasonal as a holiday treat.


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