December 2017 Horoscopes


The moon will make its way into your sign on the 30th and the fiery nature of the new moon on the 18th will set you up for a new project. However, you might have limitations dampening your ambitions around the same time, with Saturn ruled Capricorn playing monitor. Any cut corners will turn into mishaps. If you pay attention to the details your goals may be realized.

Your December opens up with a mixed bag of tricks. While the 1st may be confusing, you’ll immediately settle into a cozy unthreatening atmosphere. This is your breather before the full moon on the 3rd that challenges you to prepare for the new moon on the 18th. Deceptive tactics in the media or by someone you know will ruffle your feathers. You have a feeling that your sense of security is being compromised, but this change is necessary for future stability.

The full moon is in your sign on the 3rd! Elements of Neptune and Jupiter are in the mix, asking you to dismiss social media false prophets and engage in genuine communication without agenda. Your linguistic capabilities will serve you well at this time and you have the power to use or abuse for greater good and benefit of your tribe.

You may be especially sensitive on the 4th of December with a void moon in your sign, it is the best day to reflect and embrace your emotional state. Create a safe space at home for you to feel what is being dealt. You know the great change coming with the new moon on the 18th. Brace yourself and prepare for the exciting and scary times to come by fostering your cozy nest for the holidays.

The 7th of December is a complex and perfect day for you to share your warmth. Anything is possible and your communication style is elevated with a flair for rebellion and warmth. However, you also run the risk of disillusionments around the elements that you wish to project. Glory is either yours or slipping out the back door. Your lessons might be in the magic of impermanence and merits of release.

December 8th will catch your editor’s eye. The paper or blog post you have been working on will be perfected today. If you’re not a writer, whatever it is that deserves your attention will be completed. When the new moon rolls around on the 18th all your projects will be finalized and you can set your sights on even loftier goals for the new year.

The 12th is your day! When the sun conjuncts mercury and the moon rests in your sign. Your innate gifts of creating equilibrium for family and friends will proliferate. Your will and intellect are aligned, enthralled and ready to make peace in your community. This couldn’t be any better timing than now!

The 13th of December Is the day to stare at the wall, the sky, the sea, and travel into your mind’s eye. You are well aware of the holiday chaos and comforts. This is your moment to step away from the game and into the zenith. What you see here will imbue the coming year with the sense of power you wish to obtain.

You are especially attractive around the 15th of December with Venus conjunct Mercury and the moon in your sign. Hold onto your libido and go for gold. Deck yourself out for that holiday party and you will surely catch the entire room.

On the 19th, Saturn ingresses into your sign of Capricorn. After the new moon, establish your goals and dreams for 2018. As Saturn will be transiting for the next couple of years in its home, things should work in your favor. You already know the hard life lessons, so this new year should be in the ballpark of attainment.

Venus will trine Uranus on the 20th, inviting unexpected romantic opportunities. If you are in a relationship, expect surprises and if you are unattached, a new fling! With all of the holiday cheer, it’s also an opportunity to spread the love around to friends, family, strangers, and the coworker you can’t stomach.

Melt into a dreamy haze on the 23rd. Choose your hot beverage of choice and take a break from the holiday chaos. This month is about assessing your needs and wants for the following year. Escape into your vision of the ideal, often times this is your reality. Life is often more fully realized by the dreamers and artists.


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