November 2017 Horoscopes

Photo: photography and art direction by me and styled by Veralise Leury


In the first week of November, take care of your passions and your needs to unveil the truth. November 2nd is your best day to self-reflect. For most of the month, Mars, your ruling planet will not be in favor. However, this is a great time for career success and intermingling or making new friends. November 11th is the best day to find a new method of solving an existing problem. Ex. your lack of social life or lack of downtime…Get creative and have fun with it!


Your lust for adventure is strong in November, but make sure you entertain your desires before the middle of the month when things become tricky for you after the 22nd. You will have enormous social activity and want to revel in the beauty of it all. Your health is variable all  month and this is at odds with your desire to seek new experiences. As long as you get in enough down time and fresh pressed juice you’ll make it out on top.


Gemini! Your career takes priority this month. Even if your occupation has not been your deal, a strong work ethic and the need to connect with others for material gains will overcome you in unexpected ways. Maybe this is the time you will begin a new career path or get your ideas out there. Strangely, this will not feel like a decision you have made. After the 13th, expect even more financial abundance. Your health will be alright until the end of the month.


You are resourceful this month, and inclined to prosper both in your home and career sectors.  You are also more amiable and easily attract pleasant aspects. On the 19th or 20th after the new moon, start up with your local gardening guild or sign up for your neighborhood CSA program. This will help fulfill your domestic and social desires in November while benefiting your community and planet.


This month you are extremely dependent upon others, an aspect that your fiery nature might be at odds with. Your focus will be on family and friends rather than forging your independent path. Make sure to handle any financial dealings, important project deadlines, before mid month. Your romantic relationships weather committed or single are lucky and will progress in your favor. Focus on organization that will serve your identity in December, cleaning out your closet and putting together fancy looks will boost your ego.


Emotional security is most important to you in November. While you are an earth sign and tend to stay rooted, a need for flexibility to maintain your sense of security is imperative. Get yourself into a few yoga classes and do daily stretching. You are lucky financial and may see rewards from a serendipitous encounter while traveling when the sun moves into Sagittarius on the 22nd. In relationships you are forming alliances with your existing partner or a new love interest.


Relationship trials could be on your agenda in November. Invest in a journal if you don’t already have one, and put your thoughts down on paper on the 2nd. This might help you understand what is and isn’t working. Although you will be financially sound, it is a good time to lay low in career and get the job done. Enjoy what your harmonious nature has brought into your life.


November is your month! Sensual pleasures are on the forefront of your mind. You are looking to destroy and transform novel ways of participating in life. Everything seems to be within your terms and you are focused on self. The November 4th full moon opposes your sun sign and brings up issues of security but only temporarily. You enjoy the depths of this challenge and the dreaminess Neptune brings with it.


Daydreaming and burning questions will stoke your fire this November. The full moon on the 4th is especially enchanting. You are in the pursuit of the spiritual or what is beyond self, while presently aware of your focus on personal growth. This is a time to seek out whatever gives you solitude. The challenges presented in November are preparing you for your birth month of December. You will be better for it, learning to conquer and integrate your fears.


You will be self assertive and fixated on beauty and physicality within the month of November. Now is prime time to invest in your personal appeal. Maybe a new outfit, new due, or tattoo will help articulate your inner self through your outward appeal. You might feel like you are also engaged in a situation that feels binding. If so, on the 19th after the new moon, you will have excellent momentum freeing you from limitations of the past month.


In November you will be dynamic and enterprising, full of gumption, at least enough to get through a few financial hurdles at the beginning of the month. Also take care to keep physically fit and healthy as you are also prone to a few health mishaps until the end of November. The full Moon on the 4th will bring a mess of socializing.  This will affect your health, if you find yourself out of balance, get yourself out for a long walk in the great outdoors.


Success! Is coming your way in November. but first you have to define what success means to you. The full moon on the 4th , making a strong aspect to your ruling planet Neptune, is the time to figure it out. You are supported in your ambitions now and so its best that you have a strong grasp in the material world. Change in love is probable, especially after the new moon on the 18th. You will be tested. Set aside time for meditation to sort your thoughts and rest safely in unconditional love.





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