October 2017 Full Astro Report

In the first few days of October we are getting the final pieces of the puzzle latent the Fall Equinox and last months revelatory New Moon. Some of us were forced to confront our deepest wounds yet again. Creepy yet loveable Pluto is now steadily moving forward for the next seven months, bringing with it themes of somber transformation. As we have moved into Libra territory, balance at whatever cost negates any of our visions of what this means. Sometimes the opposite extreme will be imposed to even out the scales. It is not always peace and harmony and this month offers a rare opportunity to purge our psyches and make new plans. It might be best to see in what house Libra falls in your chart to see what areas in your life to focus. You can get a free chart at astro.cafeastrology.com. The Full Moon will fall on October 5th in the 2nd decan of Aries. This heroic full moon in its fiery element, teaches us to avoid situations that may be undermining our highest self or those individuals that dampen our ambitions.  And its placement within the 2nd Leo decan places importance on our sovereignty. Emphasis on leadership and who it is that we choose to follow are given precedence. This will imbue this month with an element of gentle power, helping us demonstrate vigilance within our communities. Understanding the role you play as an “individual” is key.  This month’s New Moon on the 19th will fall in balanced Libra. The moon makes easier aspects to Jupiter and Mercury, the planets of expansion and intellect. The expansiveness gives us a sense of eternal optimism, but we must be cautious not to overdue ourselves. The combination of emotions, intuition, and the intellect will most likely create a safety net for the energies of Jupiter and establish equilibrium. However, the challenging aspect of moon opposite Uranus, almost guarantee an element of drama within our lives or within the headlines. It is possible this energy will be channeled well into radical change and personal freedom. When Jupiter transitions into Scorpio on the 10th until mid November we see an increase of abundance weather that be financially or via gifts and material goods. Also with Venus moving into Libra on the 14th our focus on relationships will take the cake. We might put our very best into these interpersonal connections to improve them or find that we don’t have the desire to keep them burning. Either way, we again are determined to find balance and settle any power struggle even if that struggle is the relationship with self. In summary, this month seems to be a time to claim our individuality while balancing within our secure social circle. Observe the events that unfold within your support system, but also within government, state, and global arenas. What common themes do you see? How are these lessons moving you forward? If we keep our sense of humor while enjoying the added cash flow, this month is sure to turn out alright.


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